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Air pollution in Budapest
Budapest szmogtérképe


Measurement and monitoring of atmospheric pollution

  • Monitoring of the Aerosols
    • Particle number concentration and mass concentration measurements
    • Measurement of size distribution from 0.25 micrometers
    • Measurement of mass distribution from 0.22 micrometers
    • Determination of particle composition
    • Investigation of morphology using optical and e-microscopy

R&D activity and applications

  • Development of instruments for environmental monitoring and measurements
    • Development of optical instruments for atmospheric measurements
    • Measurement of aerosols and hydrosols
    • Development of light scattering instruments
    • Development of interferometric measuring instruments
  • Measurement of Nuclear Aerosols
    • Measurement of size distribution of nuclear aerosols and their microscopic investigation
  • Assessment of pollution sources, detection of plumes
    • Monitoring of Budapest Airport during different seasons of the year
    • Determination of the main sources and plums
    • Chemical analysis of aerosols, morphological investigations (PM 1.0, PM 2.5, PM 10)
  • Cost-benefit analysis